Advance kiln technology

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We has experience with all established kiln and furnace types. From the chamber kiln to the gas-tight roller-type kiln with vacuum gate, we are proficient in the entire range of kiln systems. Our engineers understand the advantages and disadvantages of the different concepts and can select the appropriate concept depending on the requirements. If required, we combine existing concepts available in our comprehensive construction kit.

If none of the systems fit your requirements, we will simply develop the appropriate technology!

We are one stop service.

  • Specialist kiln & furnace engineer
  • Design,manufacture,installation & commissioning of continuous &intermittent kiln &furnaces for the ceramic & heat treatment
  • Refurbishment & modernisation projects
  • Specialist design services
  • Aftersales & spare parts services
  • Specialist commissioning services
  • Sheetmetal&steelwork fabrications
  • Automated movement systems
  • Combustion system
  • Computer/PLC or process control system
  • Electrical design & control panel manufacture
  • Specialist mechanical & refractory engineers
  • Plant relocation projects
  • Energy Optimize